Changing Blogging Service

August 30, 2006 at 1:23 am | Posted in Blog | Comments Off on Changing Blogging Service

I’ve tried using Windows Live Spaces. It was good for a start, but then after reading the following post I decided to switch to WordPress.

I thought Windows Live Spaces was a good choice, but I feel that WordPress seems to have a lot more features and is a lot more powerful. One thing that really bugged me about Windows Live Spaces is the ad at the top of my blog. I don’t know of any other blogging service currently that forces you to have ads when you don’t want them.

So hopefully this will be a good choice for me.

I used Windows Live Writer to write my blog entries and it seems to be a very well done app. It automatically detects my blog and allows me to post in a WYSIWYG fashion which is great. Not only that but it can be extended using many plugins (such as an Insert Flickr Image). A good site for plugins can be found at

I haven’t been writing much on my blog because I haven’t been doing much that is interesting. I’ve been going out and exploring Montreal . I am loving the greenery that is here. I will try to write some more, as I have time, about things from my past, and my future plans. So stay tuned and enjoy 🙂

There are two ways you can subscribe to my RSS feed. The more permanent way is through my FeedBurner feed at I will keep this URL always pointing to my blog. Another way is through WordPress (which obviously can change if I switch blogging services, which I don’t plan to do at the moment). The URL for this would be at


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