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September 20, 2006 at 2:51 pm | Posted in Personal, Seattle | 3 Comments

Tomorrow, I am finally moving to Seattle. It has been a very long wait. I knew I was accepted at Microsoft sometime in December. I got my H-1B in April, and have been waiting. Now, its finally happening and I am looking forward to it.

The relocation folks at Microsoft have been great. I shipped some of my clothes and books already and they are now clearing customs over there. I don’t have to do anything except fill out a few forms. They came and packed up all my goods in Egypt, and in Seattle they will deliver my goods to wherever I am.

Tomorrow, I will fly on United to Washington DC, and then onto Seattle. There I will have my rental car waiting for me (with GPS!) After that, I have to go to a building near Microsoft campus to pick up my apartment key. Then, I will be driving to Shorewood Heights which is where I will be staying for my first couple of months while I search and find an apartment to stay at. It is located on Mercer Island, near Lake Washington, so I’m looking forward to the great views 🙂

Also, after tomorrow, I will be meeting with a Destination Services Consultant who will help me in opening a bank account, getting a cell phone, etc.

If anyone has any advice they wish to give me, please leave a comment 🙂



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  2. Welcome to Seattle! My recommendation: get off of Mercer Island ASAP and, if you love work, move to Kirkland, otherwise get on over to Seattle. Good luck.

  3. Thanks Galen.

    Actually, thank god – I got off Mercer Island. They’ve been having severe issues after the huge power outage, and now the wind storm. Apparently the apartment complex I had was without running water for a while and were having to ship in bottled water. Glad I missed that.

    I am now in Redmond. The commute still can get bad – but not as bad as going to Mercer Island thank god.

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