Life in Seattle (and a new dog too)

September 27, 2006 at 3:34 am | Posted in Microsoft, Personal, Seattle | Comments Off on Life in Seattle (and a new dog too)

I have been doing a lot of progress in Seattle. We got cell phones with T-mobile on a family plan. I got an MDA and my wife got a Motorola RAZR. They have great deals for new Microsoft employees (although, some of them will only kick in once I get my email address).

We also opened a bank account at the First Tech Credit Union which have great deals for Microsoft new employees (as we do not yet have credit ratings). They provide unsecured credit cards, and car loans for Microsoft people with no credit rating (due to us being new hires coming from International locations). Most other banks will refuse us for such things. Also, when I get these two things (I still don’t have them because I am waiting to apply for my SSN) I will utilize them to build up my credit rating here.

I also decided to take a look at cars. I took a look at the Honda Civic, Honda Accord and Mazda3. I came in with a preference for Mazda3, and I still prefer it as it has all the features I desire for a very decent competitive price. I was going to go for an S Touring trim level, but I got convinced to go for an i Touring with an extra safety package (Side curtain airbags, and ABS brakes) for approximately 2000$ cheaper than the S Touring). So its a great deal, but we’ll see how things go.

And the other big news is that my wife and I have adopted a dog! First time either of us have ever had a pet. He is a Labrador Retriever/German Shepard Mix. He is four years old (we wanted an adult) and his name is Beau. He is not too big (I think around 25kg) and is a perfect size for us. He is very friendly and will make a good companion for us. We just adopted him today and were afraid someone would adopt him before us. We viewed quite a number of dogs before then, but this one was the one my wife felt most comfortable with. He is currently settling in the apartment quite nicely. I will post pictures when I have them.

As for work, I went in to Microsoft today and met my SDET Lead. It is a new team it seems, we will be 4 people underneath him. One of the guys is also new who is schedule to arrive tomorrow from Turkey tomorrow or something, so it should be fun and interesting. It seems that I will be responsible for Volume Management. The team will be working on Windows Vista mainly now. I am looking forward to working with them. Can’t wait for NEO next week.


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