Doing Things in Seattle

October 1, 2006 at 3:52 pm | Posted in Personal | Comments Off on Doing Things in Seattle

Life in Seattle is going well. A couple of days ago my wife and I went to take the knowledge test for our driving license, which we both successfully completed. Our drive test is coming up in a week approximately.

We’ve also noticed that our dog is a little bit destructive in the house. We had left him once, and he was fine. Also at night when we leave him he is fine. But the other day we left him and came back home only to find that he tore up some of his bed, and some plastic bags that we had. We also strongly suspect he gets up and lazes around on the sofa. Bad Dog. We are trying to crate him now while we are out, but he doesn’t seem to like it much. Although we put in a lot of treats, water, a peanut-butter flavored bone, and some toys of his. We are doing our best to associate the crate with good things, but I think he just loves having us around and gets lonely without us.

Also, yesterday I met up with some of the new people in Windows Serviceability team that are coming from Egypt plus one Egyptian at Microsoft who has been here for a while. They were: Ramy Bebawy, Hany Barakat, and Meshref. We met up at Building 35 on the Microsoft campus, and while waiting Hany was taking pictures. Quite promptly, campus security appeared to investigate what we were doing. The thing is, Meshref and Ramy had taken off to get jackets as they felt it was cold. Plus, apparently, since we are not full time Microsoft employees yet (we start tomorrow!) we are not allowed to take pictures of the campus. So Hany had to delete his pictures, and we had to wait with security until Meshref came since we are not allowed to be unaccompanied on campus.

Anyway, afterwards Meshref wanted to take us to this amusement park that was quite far (close to Mt. Rainier I believe). I would say around 45 min to an hr away from Redmond. After arriving, and waiting quite a while in line we decided against going for a few reasons. It was almost time for iftar (since it is now Ramadan and we were all fasting). We probably would not go on many rides before it was time for us to eat. Not to mention it was very crowded so we probably would have to wait for a really long time. And on top of this, with Microsoft PRIME card (which we would get once we start) we would only pay 10$ instead of 39$.

Instead we decided to go to Redmond Town Center where we had iftar at a place called Thai Ginger. I think it was the first time any of the group had Thai (except for my wife and I) and I think (and hope) they enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I start my New Employee Orientation (NEO) and I am greatly looking forward to it. I left my job at IBM Egypt on August 1st so even though its only been two months vacation, I feel like I haven’t been working for a lot longer than that. Wish me luck 🙂


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