Settling in at Microsoft

October 6, 2006 at 2:44 am | Posted in Microsoft | Comments Off on Settling in at Microsoft

So things are going good at Microsoft. I am beginning to get settled in. I got my internal email alias. Been doing a lot of the internal first work administrative stuff. I got my mentor assigned as well, and he is proving to be a great source of (practical) information. He was even cool with me and gave me a really cool machine that I can use as my devbox (dual CPU, 64-bit Xeon 3.6 GhZ, 2GB RAM). I also got a dual monitor set up, which I believe is great for extra productivity. Once you go dual screen you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It definitely helps you out by allowing you to see more information at once.

There is also a whole bunch of training I signed up for (basically induction stuff for new people in the WinSE group). Also, I am noticing that if you wanted to at MS, you could spend quite a bit of time doing just training. There are a lot of video trainings that I can (and probably should take). It’s gonna be tough trying to balance this out with doing real work, but I am hoping my mentor and manager can both help me out with this and advise me.

Also, I got to discover the administrative assistants at work. They are very very helpful and useful. I was able to get headphones, ergonomic keyboard/mouse, KVM (since I now have two machines), and a book (Writing Secure Code). I also arranged through them to set up getting an office phone, a hanging bookshelf, and a drawer so I can lock things in it. One thing that I love and that I am still not used to is that you pretty much have full freedom to get what you need. In other places I’ve worked it was a big deal to get a machine (or even a mouse) you’d have to formally request it, and then manage it through some sort of asset manager. Here the priority is on just getting what you need so as to keep your work going smoothly.

One thing that I am noticing as well is that my time at work just flies by, unlike in other places, where the time used to go by very very slowly. It just goes to prove that I am having fun at my job here 🙂 If you are not having fun at your job right now, I would definitely recommend getting out and finding a place where you can enjoy yourself! Life is too short.


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