My new 2007 Mazda3 i Touring

October 20, 2006 at 3:02 am | Posted in Personal | 13 Comments

I bought a new car just yesterday!

After doing a lot of research I bought a 2007 Mazda 3 i Touring. I’ve only been driving it for 2 days now, but I love it a lot. It is very sporty and is just such a fun car to ride. All for a very affordable price too 🙂

I had originally narrowed down my choice to either a Honda Civic, or the Mazda 3. I preferred the look and handling of the Mazda 3, plus after going out and checking out cars, the Honda Civic was prices at a very big premium as it was considered a “popular” car.

I originally intended to buy a Mazda3 s Touring class. I felt, for a cheaper price I could get a lot of the optional packages in the i Touring class and a few extra features (a 2.3L engine and Dynamic Stability Control). Surprisingly though, the car salesman convinced me to go with the i Touring + ABS/EBD/Side Curtain Airbags at a very great price. As a Microsoft employee, I also got special Mazda S Plan pricing which means I bought it for invoice cost basically.

I got it in a dark grey color. At the last second my wife and I hesitated about the color and began considering black and silver, but i’m glad I stuck with the dark grey.

Some of my other favorite features: The ability to manually shift, stereo controls on the steering wheel, MP3 input jack, and sporty dashboard look. It has great gas mileage…hugs the road well on turns, and is very fast when it wants to be 🙂

Here are some pictures of it from the Mazda site:

Just a note on the images. Mine does not have a built-in GPS device (although I bought a GPS unit recently which I will attach to my windshield).

I would like to name my car but am having a hard time. I was thinking of ‘Betty’, but my wife didn’t like it. So if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment 🙂 I may just use it.



  1. I’m really thinking of getting a Mazda 3 i Touring. In fact tomorrow I’m going to the mazda dealer and see what deal I can get. I want a black one with a moonroof and the wing spoiler.
    I currently have a 2003 Honda Civic ex. I love that car. I love the way it shifts and the way it feels. But it’s a really small car seeing that it only has two doors and I have 3 kids to lug around now. And not long ago my mom was driving it from work and it was windy and she almost was pulled under a semi. So I figured it was time to get a bigger car. I’ve seen the Mazda 3’s a lot and really loved the style of them. But I had no reason to get another car because I loved mine so much. I’m not really happy about the way the Mazda 3 shifts because its so tight but I’m sure it will loosen up since its a brand new car.

    Is there any advice you can give me on buying my car?

  2. Well, I loved this Mazda a lot 🙂 It is great, and I don’t feel cramped in it at all (but I’ve never actually sat in the back – but no complaints from my riders.

    Not sure of what advice I can give in buying the car…Do you have specific questions? I would negotiate aggressively – I got the Mazda S Plan pricing as an MS Employee (although one salesperson tried to deceive me regarding my eligibility). I was able to get it below MSRP and the Edmunds “Price you pay” for my region. I got an i Touring, sedan, with ABS/EBD/side airbags for ~16,900$ (no moonroof, no CD changer)…of course they put the price back up through gap insurance and some paint/interior “treament”/insurance.

    Not sure if you’re going for hatchback or sedan…my wife dislikes hatchbacks so we got the Sedan. The hatchback has a more “sportier” look which is nice.

    Good luck with the car and have fun with it. By the way, since you have kids, I would def. go with the ABS/Side airbags feature. Oh, and if you have any young kids, you may wish to make sure that the booster seats and/or child seats fit comfortably behind the driver/passenger – so take it with you to the dealer and give it a try.

  3. Another deal with my car is that when I originally bought it used it had been wrecked. They never disclosed this to me. I contacted the better business bureau in my area and reported them. Hyundai called me saying “ok we’ll get you in a new car and try to make every one happy” And that they made a deal with the Mazda dealership and buy the car from them. I go to the Mazda dealer yesterday (went there a day early) and am there for around 5 hours… and nothing gets done. They wanted to give me 10k for my car when it would be worth 12k (what I owe on it) if it had not had two accident reports on it obviously would get more out of it. Then they told me they were going to pay 12k for my car then they changed their minds and were like “well it needs tires on it… and some other stuff was wrong with it so thats why he only wanted to give you 10k for it” They ran all the credit stuff for it and it all came out to be over $100 a month more for a payment than I was originally paying. They may have made an effort to reconcile but it was far from a good faith effort. Car company’s have a lot of money and they intend to keep every dime they can. The Mazda dealership actually made more of a effort than the dealership that I bought my car from. They located the car I wanted and were financing for their invoice price. Which was $16,900 with the moon roof and wing spoiler. MSRP was $18,055 for this area with this car. I’m very upset with the Hyundai place for acting like they are trying hard when they intend to keep every penny they can. I guess since I’m a woman they think that I have to have it and I’ll pay what ever price for it no matter what it cost. But I’m far from dumb and just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean that I can’t see through their line of BS. The thing that I think should have the most impact is I was blatantly lied to. They should have to make up for it. It kinda sucks because noone will tell me where I staind with this. They are obviously scared of the Better Buisness Bureau report and I think that it could jepordise them having the Hyundai name for their dealership.

  4. Yeah, I’ve noticed that in car dealerships they are very worried about their reputation and standing with the car companies. The car dealer tried to sell me for example on their “internet plan” which is slightly more expansive than the S plan…They stated that for the S plan, I would have to have my car order from the factory – which is complete and total bull. The 2nd salesman I met though and just did the S plan right away for me though…so I did feel like the initial one tried to deceive me (perhaps for a higher commission). Just be wary and aware, and do seek things like the Better Business Bureau, and a threat to call the car company directly if you feel you are being jerked around. In addition, look into the Lemon Laws of your state. You may also have some legal recourse.

    I am no expert when it comes to buying cars or dealing with car issues…but I hope this advice helps.

  5. I finally got my car! I ended up getting the Mazda 3 S Sport with a moon roof. I figured I could get my spoiler later. I absolutely love it. I got it $3k below invoice because of the incident with my civic and all. Of course I got the gap insurance and the extended 6 year 100,000 mile warranty on it. And the gas mileage is almost as good as the civic was. I have a feeling that I’m going to be very happy with this car. The original sales person quit and I had a guy that was just hired so he wasn’t fully corrupted yet.

  6. That is good to hear. I am glad you like it. Yes, one of the great things about the car is the gas mileage. I usually fill up once every two weeks, sometimes longer. I got the gap insurance – but somehow now that I got it – I feel like I didnt need it. I also got the car care package (to protect the exterior as I had a dog at the time I bought it)…

    I didn’t feel the extended warranty was worth it as I may sell the car within 5 years (and/or if I change my mind I could always get it later).

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  9. Rachel – First of all, I am perplexed as to why you put such a comment under the Mazda 2003 article. Thats not just the place for it. Secondly, if you read my blog you will notice that I am currently very happy with my job here and am not thinking of moving anytime soon.

  10. Yeah Rochelle wats that all about?…… Name it Scooter.

  11. I always thought the name Suzie Q would be cute for a quick sporty car!

  12. I helped my daughter buy a Mazda3 Touring. We looked at Corollas and Civics too, but picked the Mazda3 because it is well-rated, and much better looking than the other two. My daughter also said every other car at her college is a Corolla (BORING!). She absolutely adores her Mazda3.. It was the last 2007 at a dealer that was going out of business! We got an EXCELLENT price and the car is gorgeous–true red, with moon roof and wing spoiler, and lots of other bells & whistles. Anyway, we highly recommend a Mazda3–they aren’t ordinary (like Corollas & Mustangs, which you see on every corner) and they are overall a great car for the price!

  13. I got a new 2009 Mazda 3i two months ago and love it. It’s much more athletic than the wimpy civic, corolla, sentra and hyundais. I love the feel of the twin cam engine and 17″ alloys with 4 wheel disk brakes and independent suspension. It’s got cool stuff like a leather wrapped steering wheel, cruise, tunes, fog lights remote this and that, alarm system yadda yadda and it was priced way below the other cars in its class. I got the 5 speed stick because it’s lots more fun to drive. The only thing i did’nt like was the untinted windows (which I had to tint) and the pathetic sounding horn (which I replaced with a wolo badboy horn). Now it’s perfect.

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