One Month Anniversary at Microsoft

November 4, 2006 at 6:53 pm | Posted in Microsoft, Personal | 2 Comments

November 2nd was my official one month anniversary at Microsoft. Not much to say in this regard. I’m beginning to get more involved and integrated and slowly I am beginning to become aware of things 🙂 But its still a huge learning curve, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

Some of the amazing “perks” at MS though are finding out about new secret projects. I saw a mysterious, cryptic poster the other day hanging on a well directing me to a website. They were looking for beta testers for this new exciting project which I think will have a major impact in the future for people. I’m sorry, I can’t talk about it at all 🙂

The December date for people in Egypt wishing to join Microsoft is soon approaching 🙂 I know several people with phone interviews lined up. If anyone (from Egypt) is interested in applying please email me or leave a comment and I will contact you 🙂

Switching to my personal life…Some things I recently purchased:

  • 1GB of Kingston DDR2-667Mhz RAM for my laptop. This has significantly boosted the speed of my laptop. 512MB was just not enough and causing it to page way too much whenever I had many webpages open (and since both my wife and I keep many windows/pages open it was becoming painfully slow).
  • Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories for my PSP – I love the GTA series. This looks to be a great game too. Not getting much chance to play it. But it visually looks stunning.
  • Books – Recently purchase iWoz, which is the story/auto-biography of Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple (along with Steve Jobs). He was the technical genius behind the first Apple. Very smart guy, very interesting book. I strongly recommend it to anyone. Also bought Rich Dad, Poor Dad which is a book about personal finance. I’ve heard good comments about it. This is a field I’m interested in reading and I may start posting some things about it in the future.

Some things I need to begin looking into are buying furniture/items for my new apartment (which I will be moving into on November 15th). I will be moving to The Reflections at Marymoor. It’s a wonderful place in Redmond. It’s new, and within walking distance there is a Fred Myers, and Target (big department stores), and Whole Foods (big organic/healthy food supermarket). It is also within walking distance to Marymoor park which is a big park here in Redmond that has an offleash area for dogs. Great place, the apartments utilize the space internally very well so it feels spacious. I’ve seen some apartments that are larger in square foot size, but due to bad architecture, it feels a lot smaller.

I also want to get a High-Def TV, which should be an interesting experience. So many options. So far I am looking for 40 or 42″ LCD 1080i capable HDTV. I’d like to keep it within a 1500$ budget, which should be interesting. I am pretty clueless when it comes to this so I hope I make the right choice.



  1. I see ure living ure life the right way, good luck with the high def , next step the xbobx wala ps3.

  2. Haha, yeah, but im paying for it too. Last night I bought a 42″ Samsung Plasma HDTV. Note: I forgot to factor in Sales Tax! so I ended up paying more 😛

    The thing is – I still need to get lots of furniture for the apartment and supplies and equipment etc. and this TV has certainly dented that budget. So I may have to sacrifice furniture wise (i.e. no dining room for a while)…so we’ll see 🙂 Furniture is very expensive here

    I am definately going for an Xbox 360 – I work for MS, its a lot cheaper (200$), I can get some games at discounted prices at the MS shop, my TV wont support 1080p which is one of the major pluses/benefits of PS3, etc.

    Mohab, you and Omnia should apply – they are coming in December to interview you. I can refer your CV if you wish too. I strongly recommend it.

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