Record Rain

November 10, 2006 at 4:58 am | Posted in Personal, Seattle | 1 Comment

It’s been raining pretty furiously in Seattle the past few days (almost a week). I find it actually pretty funny for it to be able to continously rain day after day after day! What is amazing though, is that its causing all sorts of flooding and problems in Washington at the moment.

Apparently, the average rainfall in November in Seattle is around 5.9 inches. That is for ALL of November. It is now the 9th of November and we’ve had around 8-9 inches of rain already. I think the record was in 1998 at 11 or 12 inches, so we are well on the way of breaking it.

In other news, Vista RTM’d, which is really great engineering accomplishment. There is going to be a party at Microsoft to celebrate, so I’m looking forward to attending that. I haven’t gotten to play with it much, but I plan on upgrading to it soon at work and giving it a spin.


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  1. good post – filled my coffee break

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