Vista RTM Party

November 12, 2006 at 5:14 pm | Posted in Microsoft | Comments Off on Vista RTM Party

As most people would know by now, Windows Vista has finally RTM’d at Microsoft. RTM means Released to Manufacturing so they can begin to produce CDs and send it to customers and prepare for the retail release in January.

In celebration of this Microsoft had a party in one of the building garages. If anyone has seen a college frat party – this is pretty much the same thing 🙂 They also had a red carpet rolled out for the engineers to walk in on. There were massages, pool tables, and a costume/photo booth. There was also an R&B band playing/singing on stage.

It was pretty cool and lots of fun. We also got to see and hear some words from Jim Allchin and Bill Gates, which was/is pretty cool. I took some pictures with my phone cam, but they are pretty lousy so I won’t even bother posting.

It was lots of fun.


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