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November 19, 2006 at 10:47 pm | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

I’ve been very busy this past week and hence my lack of posts. I’ve officially moved apartments now and am now staying in Redmond. The moving process was a really big pain, and I couldn’t have done it without a friend helping me with his car. Even with him though, I made 3 trips back and forth. It was kind of insane. Also – on the first day, the power was out due to severe wind storms in Washington. Apparently over 100,000 homes were out of power. So it wasn’t a great first experience 🙂

I’m really excited about staying here. Its a beautiful one bedroom apartment, but very spacious and very modern. I just got back from Marymoor park (within walking distance). Tried taking my dog off-leash for the first time ever which was a pretty fun experience I think for both of us 🙂 Unfortunately, I was thoroughly soaked (as usual its raining here).

Some of the things that we recently purchased for the new house:

  • Samsung HP-S4253 42″ Plasma HDTV – This is an excellent hi-definition TV. Although a bit pricey 🙂 I’ve also subscribed to a Hi-def cable package + DVR so this has totally changed my whole television experience. First of all, seeing standard definition on a screen like this just goes to show why you would need HD. If you are watching TV on a standard/smaller screen you probably would not need HD. Also, being able to record my shows using DVR is also pretty fantastic 🙂 I get to record CSI for example while my wife watches her show. And we don’t have to worry about going home to catch certain shows if we’re out. It’s great
  • Couch + Table from Levitz – An amazing comfortable microfiber couch – unfortunately we got a slip cover for it because we have a dog 😦
  • Xbox 360 – Got an Xbox 360 so I can play games 🙂 I love games. What’s great about the Xbox 360 too is it doubles as a DVD player so I wouldn’t need to buy one, and I will also be able to play HD-DVDs if/when I buy the HD-DVD drive accessory. I fully decked it out by buying an extra wireless controller + 2 plug & play charge kits. I also got the wireless networking add-on and a fancy blue faceplate. Also got 3 games: PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero, and Call of Duty 3. I wanna also get Gears of War, but its been out of stock everywhere – so I plan to just wait until it comes out in the MS Store.
  • Zune – Well, this isn’t for the house, but for me and my wife. I got the new Zune player from Microsoft. I was planning on buying an MP3 player as all we had was an iPod shuffle (the old one). I did not want an Apple for a couple of reasons…I think its overhyped, and I would really prefer something with a ‘subscription’ model. I think this is a MUCH better alternative than investing money into a certain ecosystem by buying tracks (and have them non-transferable to other software or other machines). I prefer a subscription I can use/take anywhere. I’ve played with the Microsoft URGE which is fantastic. The Zune marketplace is pretty much the same. I haven’t subscribed yet (or activated my free trial) I may do it starting from next month. I got the brown Zune, which is surprisingly looks great. I dissed this color at first when I heard about it and in general I don’t like brown. But it looks great I must say. It has a sort of green shimmer to it which makes it look so much better than plain brown. The screen is great, very crisp and sharp. I also love the ability to customize it (set a background).  The Zune software also helped in cataloging my MP3 collection (I love the ‘Find Album Info’ feature which automatically finds the track/album). Theoretically as well, I can stream my music to my Xbox 360, but I haven’t tried that.

Anyway – that’s all for now 🙂



  1. Great. man..
    you bought a lot of things .. 🙂

  2. Yep…but a guy’s gotta have his geek toys 😉

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