Loving my Zune

November 23, 2006 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Microsoft, Personal | 3 Comments

Contrary to what some news reports out there are saying. My Zune MP3 player is amazing. I use it everyday. I purchased the Brown one from Best Buy with a 12% rewards zone discount (even better than the MS Store which had it for a 10% discount).

As well, contrary to what some people/news reports have been saying it is pretty much selling out quite rapidly. I’ve been to various stores (Target, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.) and they are all pretty much sold out. I even once came to purchase an armband case for my Zune and had some people ask me about it. There is a lot of buzz around the product and people are extremely interested in purchasing it. I can’t blame them. It just looks fantastic, it feels nice and solid in your hand. The display is very crisp, and sharp. I’ve watched a few videos on it while on the MS shuttle. My car also has an AUX IN port, so I purchased a cable to hook it up to the car and now listen to it on my daily commute.

Another feature I love…It displays the album art when a particular song comes up. This compelled me to fix my ID3 tags on all my MP3s. The Zune Marketplace software helped me with this. I would just click on tracks and choose ‘Find Album Info’. It took a while, but it sure beats updating all this information manually.

One of the killer features I believe is the subscription method to your music. It would cost $15 a month, and you get full access to the entire Zune music collection, with complete freedom to download onto several machines and/or your Zune device (I believe a subscription covers 5 machines, and 2 (or 3) Zune devices). I think this is one major plus to the Apple iPod/iTunes ecosystem.

While there is a lot of buzz around the whole sending music wirelessly to other Zune devices, I have yet to try this. I don’t think I would use this feature much anyway. I believe though this feature is not targeted for me, but targeted to younger teenagers and/or the MySpace crowd. There is also a feature where you can hook up your Zune to the Xbox 360 and get your music/videos over there. Again, something I have not used and don’t think its very essential for me.

Anyway, it’s a really great device and I strongly recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for an alternative to the iPod, I believe that you should definitely give the Zune a try. I am not just saying this because I am a Microsoft employee…I am saying this as a person who was not happy with any of the existing offerings out there. If you have any questions/queries about the device, feel free to leave comments and I will try to answer them (and if I can’t, I will do my best to get the answer for you from the Zune guys).



  1. […] As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I have a Zune that I love very much. One of the nice features it has, is that when a song is playing it will show me the album art. Well, I had the Zune software automatically detect the albums for most of my songs. But I also had a large Arabic collection which the had no information. I also had some English songs that were lumped in the ‘Unknown Album’ or ‘Unknown Artist’ bucket. […]

  2. Hey Ali,

    What sort of format for video does it display? i.e. can you watch an episode of something that is .avi on it?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Dina…

    According to the Zune.net sight the following are the supported files:
    • Windows Media Video files (.wmv)
    • MPEG-4 Video files (.m4v)
    • Some QuickTime video files (.mov)

    I am not sure if .avi files work – I never tried it. I believe that you can convert files so they can play on the Zune though.

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