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December 30, 2006 at 6:09 am | Posted in Software | 1 Comment

I just read a very interesting post written by the author of Firefox, Blake Ross. It is titled Tip: Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose. I strongly recommend you read it.

Basically Google is placing ‘tips’ at the top of its search results. This is all fine, except for Google’s promise not to promote or use any form of unfair advertising throughout its website. Specifically the official line from Google Marketing is:

It’s important to note, however, that our ads are created and managed under the exact same guidelines, principles, practices and algorithms as the ads of any other advertiser…There are no algorithm changes to ’smooth the way’ for Google’s ads.

We’re quite proud of the advertising platform we’ve built and it simply makes sense for us to use it. At the same time, the trust of both our users and our advertisers is of paramount importance. We honor that responsibility, and work hard to earn and keep that trust.


I just think it is a bit hypocritical of them to do this. On top of this what’s kinda unfair is that if Microsoft did something like this people will come down on Microsoft very harshly, yet when Google does it, somehow its okay, or people look the other way. To be fair, here is a response from Matt Cutts on the issue.

I think rather than people judging a company based on their reputation, or “coolness” factor, instead you should judge them by their actions. Dare Obasanjo, another Microsoft blogger, also has an interesting post regarding this issue where it seems that Google is artificially placing its own products (such as Gmail) above competitors products (such as Yahoo Mail). The post is called Google’s Strategy Tax- Integrity of Search Results vs. Ads vs. Cross Promotion. In it he uses Google to confirm that there seems to be more links on the web that point to Yahoo Mail, yet Google Mail appears before it in the search results.

It’s interesting and made me wonder, so I thought I’d let you contemplate it too.


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  1. Actually this could be a very good start for people to stop treating Google like web God, although I hate to use this term for religion reasons, but this is the truth, everyone looking into it as the ultimate symbol of integrity and honest, may be now they start seeing the truth about it and it’s just a software company like anyone else which could make anything to increase its profit.

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