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In case you did not know already, the Consumer Electronics Show is going on right now at Las Vegas, and Bill Gates gave the keynote there announcing a bunch of new things in the pipeline for Microsoft.

2007 is definitely going to be the biggest year for Microsoft in a long time. Not only are we releasing Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007. In addition to this, Longhorn Server 2007 is supposed to ship and the Zune is shaping up to be a great Microsoft product.

Anyway, none of the above has anything to do with CES. It’s all old news…So just what is exciting and new that was announced at CES?

  • Windows Home Server. I heard about this about a couple of months ago at Microsoft and was something that I found very interesting. Basically it’s a small server box for your home that is designed to run without any input devices or monitors. Kinda like a Router. It is designed to be your home server, so you can store all your files on it centrally and stream things all over your home. It would be great for any home that has multiple PC’s. It’s designed to take 5 HD’s and no need to open it to add extra hard disks. Target Price: 500$! Here is a sample picture of a prototype device (not final). Look at the guy’s hand to get an idea of the size of the device.


  • Ultimate Extras for Windows Ultimate. There are some great new things coming for people who decide to go for the Windows Ultimate SKU. Some of the extras include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker (a very famous poker game that is the latest craze in the US). Some Bitlocker and Encrypted File System enhancements. And finally, Windows DreamScene which basically allows you to use a video as your background. Remember the static view of some grassy hills in Windows XP (called Bliss in your Desktop Background)…anyway, imagine the grass is actually moving as if there is a breeze blowing across it! Yes, I know this has been around in Linux for quite a while…but I use Windows, and I’m happy to have this feature 🙂
  • Xbox Live on Windows Vista. Finally, Windows users will be able to play with Xbox 360 users. DirectX 10 on Vista is just amazing with lots of features and brings Windows gaming in line with console gaming. You can even use an Xbox 360 controller on your PC (in fact, they had an amazing demo of using your Xbox 360 controller to navigate through Virtual Earth in amazing 3D). It just makes sense for Microsoft to provide this seamless integration between Windows gamers and Xbox 360 games!
  • IPTV on Xbox. At some point in the future of 2007, Microsoft plans to introduce IPTV through the Xbox system. If you have ever seen the state of DVR’s and Cable Television you would understand why this is a big deal. My Comcast DVR hi-def box crashes routinely at least once a day…plus the interface is incredibly ugly and slow. If I could get all my shows on my Xbox with in hi-def with DVR capabilities – I would switch in an instant.
  • In-car computing with Ford. Microsoft has partnered with Ford to provide a Windows for Automotive solution built into the cars in the Ford lineup. It has bluetooth, allowing you to make/receive calls. It has TTS to read any messages you may have got. It works with portable music players so you can create playlists using speech recognition and lots lots more.

Anyway – there is probably a lot more I am missing…but here you got an idea of what an exciting future Microsoft has planned. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft has a lot of exciting projects going on right now, and I’m excited to be a part of it all 🙂 (Since I’m a part of it and everything…anyone here want to give me a Microsoft Home Server? :P)


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  1. Looking forward to 2007 myself.
    cant wait to get the new vista

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