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February 28, 2007 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

Wow – I got so many comments on my previous post I can’t keep up 🙂 Actually – I got none! But I know I have many readers out there…Hmm, I guess I’ll take your votes as ‘indifferent’ then…

 Well, Hany has tagged me to post 5 things most people do not know about me…Hmm this should be interesting…Some of you may know these things already as there is nothing out there that nobody knows about me already…

1. I used to live in England for approximately the first 10 years of my life. I loved living there and it was really fun. I then went on to Kuwait (right after the Gulf War) and stayed there for around 6-7 years. When I went to Kuwait I had a really heavy British accent. I was made fun of a lot (I had gone to an American school) so I lost my accent pretty quickly.

2. I was very very very naughty as a child apparently. I loved playing with things (taking them apart, touching them, breaking them, etc.) – I still do 🙂

3. Had I not pursued Computer Science as my career, I think I would have gone into Political Science. I find international relations and politics very interesting…

4. I love watching movies. I am a big movie fan, and if I could, I would probably see all the movies that are in the cinema…

5. This one is a given, which I assume everyone knows but I love my wife very very very much 🙂

So who else will I tag? umm – no one. The problem with me is that most of my friends do not blog!!! Which is a shame…The only people who do blog have been tagged already. So I guess this “chain” must end somewhere, and it might as well be me..



  1. 😀 You love your wife very very much?!!
    😀 So you were not obligated to sign the marriage certificate?! 😀 You have to love your wife!

    🙂 But really, that’s a nice life story!

  2. I reformatted the post since it wasn’t rendering properly on my side (the numbered list wasn’t appearing properly so I did it manually)…

    Well Hany – you don’t HAVE to love your wife…Some people get married out of convenience for example…Some people after a couple of years marriage think the spark is gone..etc.

    But I still love my wife very very much 🙂 And hey, you included something about your fiance 😛 And I want to include something about my wife…and no, I was not coerced as she was not with me when I wrote this 😛

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