6-month Microsoft Anniversary

April 9, 2007 at 3:20 pm | Posted in Microsoft, Personal | 9 Comments

This is a few days late (it happened last week) but it was my 6-month Microsoft anniversary…Generally, at this stage, I feel a lot more comfortable with what I’m doing and don’t feel like I’m “drinking from the firehose” anymore. As part of this achievement, I thought I would post 5 tips/observations for new people coming to Microsoft 🙂

1. You need really good time management skills in order to get work done! You can skip meetings and/or trainings you really don’t need to attend in order to get more work done! Also, sometimes you just need to close Outlook as well as email can be very distracting.

2. Foosball is a great way to socialize and make new friends! You definately meet people who you otherwise would never have met! It can also sometimes cause unwanted visibility by higher ups 😉 (Ask Hany about it!)

3. It is sometimes faster to just walk to another building rather than take the shuttle (especially if the weather is good!)

4. Every Tuesday and Thursday there are friendly soccer matches on the field during the day. It’s a great fun way to get some exercise in and again meet new people 🙂

5. When walking the corridors at Microsoft, its fun to look at the window-office people. They are usually more “established” and thus have much better decorated offices (and usually a ton of interesting awards)

Hope you like the list 🙂



  1. mabrook ya 7abeeby 🙂 3o2bal ma teb2a a7san men Bill Gates :p

  2. Thank you baby 🙂

  3. yeah man, recently i could clearly noticed my productivity gone down. The reason may be online msgrs, RSS readers, Outlook, internal messangers..better follow your tips. Its time to shut all distractions to be more focussed. Good tips, makes sense Ali.

  4. I try to do these activities in the early morning so I can “get them out of my system” and then I focus on work 🙂 Although I do have a need to usually check my work mail periodically for important items.

  5. Congrats Ali, and good luck in the future 🙂
    Very good tips…especially number 1 😉

  6. Yeah – the “flood” of email is just amazing 🙂

  7. Did I tell you that I’ve a windows office :P?

  8. How’d you manage to get that? I’d be happy just to have my own office at the moment 😉

  9. We had a new policy, if you have a single office, then it won’t be a window office, and vice versa 😀

    Some news that by the beginning of the next year, there won’t be any double offices 🙂

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