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So I’ve been pretty busy living my life and doing work stuff (hence my lack of updates). But one of the latest things my Alia and I did was go to the Microsoft annual company picnic. Calling it a picnic is a huge understatement. It’s more like a fair. There are loads of fun games for adults and kids! We’ve actually been sore all day today and spent it recovering!

Rather than talk about all the things we did – I figure I should just post some pics 🙂

Company Picnic 2007 015 Company Picnic 2007 022Company Picnic 2007 064 Company Picnic 2007 067 Company Picnic 2007 076



  1. Ali, long time no post. I have a question for you, how is family life for arab muslims in redmond as MSFT employees. Do you get to meet alot of families? what are the nationalities in general that you meet? Is there good arabic resturants? I am in interview loop and want to know if there is a good community life for arab americans. Thanks in advance..

  2. yeah – it’s been a long while 🙂 Just being busy with work I guess and not much new to say.

    As Arab American or Arabic Muslim life may be very different than other Islamic/Arab countries. The lifestyle is very different.

    I think it is fine though, there are many opportunities to meet different families/people who are Muslim or Arab. There are several mosques in the region who regularly have events. At Microsoft we have several mailing lists that cater to Muslims and/or Arabs. Recently in Seattle there was an Arab Festival which my wife and I attended and we got to meet some nice new people. Also, if you are into soccer there is a “national cup” that is held and I got to meet a number of Egyptians when trying to organize a team (and since we didnt have enough players it was recommended we merge with the Iraqi team for example).

    There are a number of nationalities that we meet as Seattle is very multicultural…You have Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, etc.

    There are some Arabic restaurants. While not Arab, I like a Turkish restaurant (Pasha Grill) at Redmond Town Center. There is one called Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue which is Lebanese. There is a place close by which I haven’t tried yet that seems to be Arab (Shawerma, Falafel, etc.)…There is also a place downtown (Zeina) that has Shisha and food there which I like…

    Also, we recently discovered a number of Arabic grocery stores that sell Halal food and other various items that are Arab. So this is great 🙂

    All these things help, but the “rhythm” of the city is different than what you would be used to in Egypt for example and it will take some time to adjust to the culture here (esp. if you have never been here before).

  3. Thank you very much, that is very refreshing to know 🙂 Looking forward to join you there..

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