Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

June 22, 2007 at 6:30 pm | Posted in Middle East, Personal, Seattle | 4 Comments

I recently surprised my wife with two tickets fo the Axis of Evil Comedy tour. They were here for one night only in Seattle and I know Alia loves comedy so we decided to go (plus – it was a surprise – so I had already bought the tickets!)

Basically the Axis of Evil comedy tour is a group of four Arabs…well technically 3 Arabs and 1 Persian 🙂 I think they are all Muslim but am not sure. They are: Ahmed Ahmed, Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader, and Dean Obeidallah (Guest star). You can find more information about them and their tour here:

They make fun of being Arabs/Muslims at the current moment in the US.  It was some of the most hilarious comedy I’ve ever seen and the crowd was enjoying it too! Their shows pretty much sell out wherever they go, and judging by the attendance to this one it was also sold out! They only have two shows left, so most of you won’t be able to attend so instead you can purchase the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour DVD!

 If some of you don’t want to wait for the DVD to ship, you may wish to try the new Unbox service which allows you to rent or download this DVD. Try it out and tell me if it works 🙂


Occupation 101

June 14, 2007 at 4:37 am | Posted in Middle East, Personal | 10 Comments

I don’t ordinarily like to talk about political things in my blog. It’s usually very personal opinions and its difficult to change people’s opinions on topics and then you just end up arguing. But still, I felt I had to blog about this… 

I recently purchased the DVD called Occupation 101. This is an EXCELLENT documentary that illustrates the dire situation that the Palestinians are living in and the oppression and hardships that they face. The document is very visual and graphic and it disturbed me after watching it. What was also an interesting surprise is that they included a lot of commentary from Israeli’s and Jewish people who sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians.

If you are interested in this topic, or just want to watch a good documentary you can purchase this DVD from Occupation 101 :: Official Site. Hope you enjoy it – and if you’ve seen it (or buy it and see it) I’d like to hear your opinions and discussion in the comments.

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